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UAE Corporate Tax applies to all businesses and commercial activities except for natural resource extraction, which remains subject to Emirate-level taxation, ensuring uniformity while preserving Emirate-level autonomy over resource-related revenue
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Vat Services

We offer diverse services, including attendance and follow-up during field inspections, and assistance in submitting objections in VAT approval disputes, ensuring quality support and resolution for our clients in navigating VAT-related challenges.
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Excise Tax

In 2017, Dubai and the UAE implemented an excise tax on products like locally grown tobacco and electrically heated smoking devices to curb consumption and generate revenue for public services, aiming to protect human health and the environment.
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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Comprehensive accounting services encompass bookkeeping, daily entry preparation, bank account reconciliation, and disclosure of cash flows, receipts, and payments, ensuring accurate financial records and compliance with accounting standards for businesses.
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Audit Service

ALWESAM delivers annual external audit reports to meet bank requirements, tax regulations, Free Zone stipulations, and other governmental mandates, ensuring comprehensive compliance and transparent financial operations.
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Business Plan & Feasibility Study

We assist newly formed businesses and startups in crafting comprehensive business plans. These plans serve as invaluable tools for evaluating project feasibility and securing financing from potential investors and institutions, facilitating successful ventures.


Alwesam Accounting Company also provides a specialized goAML (go Anti-Money Laundering) service, which is dedicated to assisting businesses in complying with international anti-money laundering regulations by offering expert guidance on reporting suspicious transactions, ensuring accurate and timely submissions to financial intelligence units, and implementing robust internal controls and risk assessment processes to safeguard against financial crimes and maintain regulatory compliance.

Consulting Services

The management consulting function at Alwesam helps you with internal and external issues that are critical for the success of your business. It could be an existing internal issue including budgeting & Forecasting, Costing system, Inventory management, Working capital management or Liquidity Management. This could also be a new business opportunity that could vital for the growth of your business.

Financial Advisory

Tailored financial guidance for individuals and businesses, covering planning, retirement, and investments. Our collaborative approach ensures personalized strategies, empowering informed decision-making for a secure financial future and goal achievement.

Internal Audit & Control

Alwesam's internal audit service guarantees the accuracy and compliance of your accounts with internal accounting standards, ensuring meticulous maintenance by your accountant and peace of mind for your business.

Fraud Risk Examination

For our Forensic Audit service, Alwesam meticulously analyzes bookkeeping and supporting documents, tracing receivables, payables, inventory, cash, and other assets to detect potential fraud and assess its magnitude for informed decision-making.

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