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Business Setup in Dubai

A series of taxes are to be implemented across UAE, that will include VAT (to be applied at the beginning of January 2018) and The Excise Tax (to be applied beginning on October 2017).This will force the business to take many procedures and amendments in its accounting system. Therefore, our company will provide a number of consultations, solutions that are both proper and effective to help institutions and companies to deal with the tax in a manner that ensures their smooth functioning and obligations, allowing them to focus on their business activities.

Post-Registration Services
  • Filling in / approving the VAT and / or Selective Taxation on the form prepared for this purpose and supplying it to the competent department within the legal period.
  • Reviewing the company’s purchases of goods and services to verify the validity of the VAT
  • Amounts on the purchase invoices and the date of purchase and whether they are
  • Deductible and refundable.
  • Calculating the tax on the imported services and pay those to the competent authority within the legal period and follow up the claim within the value added tax for the period after the supply.
  • Accessing to the draft financial statements of the company to verify the reconciliation of Revenues
  • discuss any observations.
Reviewing The Vat Approval

ALWESAM provides a review of the VAT approval for verification purposes.

Our team of experts that consists of tax Professionals will provide the following services:

Registration Service

Registration of companies, institutions And entities subjecting to value added Tax and selective tax with the competent Authority to achieve the requirements Of the registration process and its Ompliance with the applicable egulations And instructions.


Companies and institutions are often Unaware of tax legislation and policies That are constantly changing. Our tax Advisory team provides a range of Specialized and practical advice, deal With issues and changes relating to the Tax and its legislations and help your Business comply with tax policies. We Also provide services of receipt Reviewing to verify the accuracy of Compliance with tax policies, as well as To assist companies and institutions in The process of vat refund or selective Tax if they meet the conditions as per The provisions of the system.

Complying with policies of Value added tax and selective tax.

Despite the relative clarity of vat and Selective tax in theory, practice is more Complex and requires a lot of resources To meet compliance requirements. Our Team will work on your behalf to meet Your tax compliance requirements.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Silicon Oasis, Sanctuary Tower , Office 105

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